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Welcome To Yakuza Alley Guests - Yakuza Alley
J-Urban & occasionally K-Urban and C-Urban
Welcome To Yakuza Alley Guests
Join: yakuza_alley

Yakuza Alley is a place to post and download J-Urban music that was created by twilalunesta. J-Urban means Japanese Urban music. J-Urban consists of Japanese R&B(J-R&B), Japanese Hip-hop/Rap(J-Hip-hop/J-Rap), Reggae(J-Reggae), and urbanized Japanese Pop(J-Pop). We also accept and will occasionally post K-Urban, C-Urban, and other Asian urban music.

You must join in order to view most of the music on this community. I will only post singles to download for non-members.
If you want to be affiliated with or post music onto Yakuza Alley, you must send twilalunesta a message to ask.